Indie Publishing Group (2019 to present)

Editorial consultant and editor. Clients include Peter Murzionak, Courtney St. Croix, Beverly Behan, Dave Woodhouse, Fran Sullivan-Fahs, Barbara Coughlin, and Gino Garofalo, among others.

Karen Ergus, JD, RDH, CDA, ADR (2021to present) Copy editing of Scaling Up: The Business of Dentistry. 

Gabriel Ndayishimiye  (2021to present)
Copy editing of Run Elvin: The Rising of a Rejected Stone.  
A memoir by a young refugee now at graduate school in Canada. (Laskin Publishing, 2021) Second literary non-fiction novel in development. 

Rose Simpson  (2021 to present)
Copy editing of Distressed Pavement: To Ottawa With Love  
(Laskin Publishing).

Peter Murzionak, MD, PhD. (2020-2021)
Content editing, bibliography development, and fact-checking of Belarus: Prospects for a Middle-Sized Nation (Lexington Books, 2022).

Dave Woodhouse (2020-2021)
Developmental and structural editing of West Yard, a memoir of a Canadian federal penitentiary Correctional Services officer (Tellwell, 2021). Best seller on Amazon.

Nadine Neema (2019 to present)
Copy editing of Journal of a Travelling Girl (Heritage House, 2020). Finalist for three awards from the 2021 Canadian Children's Book Centre (CCBC) Awards and the 2021 First Nations Read Award.

John Corrigan (2017 to present)
Content/copy editing of The Red Knight, the definitive history of the aerobatic Red Knight T-33 training jet air shows. Copy editing of Love Always: My wife's courageous battle against Triple-Negative Breast Cancer (FriesenPress, 2020).

Antoine Mountain (2016 to present)

Content and copy editing of From Bear Rock Mountain: The Life and Times of a Dene Residential School Survivor (Brindle & Glass - Touchwood, 2019). Child of Morning Star (in development 2021-2022).

Bob Wells (2015 to present)
Copy editing for Mile Post 104 and Beyond and Wawahte plus articles on Truth and Reconciliation. Memoir in development.

Jason Deas (2011 to present)
Copy editing of mysteries Birdsongs (2011), Pushed (2012), Brushed Away (2013), Private Eye (2014), The Painter (2015), Boar's Head Cove (2017), Undone (2018), Unravel (2020).

FriesenPress (2012-2020)
Content and copy editing, editorial evaluations, and author consultations. Hundreds of non-fiction titles on topics such as WWII field medicine, premature babies, haute cuisine, leadership in the public service, multi-line insurance selling techniques, advanced aesthetics, death and bereavement, post-cancer exercise, etc. Also numerous fiction works including Young Adult, historical romance, Dystopian epics, etc. Also, many, many fascinating memoirs.


"I’ve been working with Mary for about ten years. I have the gift of storytelling but realized early on, to compete in the business of selling books I needed more. Mary adds a professional quality to my work. She takes my words, polishes them, and makes them shine. I consider her a mentor, a source of encouragement, and a friend."                            

                                                        Jason Deas