Our rates and charges are based on the readiness of your manuscript for publication. Please contact us by e-mail with a short description of your manuscript, (no erotica) and up to 25 sample pages.

We will provide a free editorial evaluation (Value $100-250) and a quote based on how much effort will be required to bring your manuscript up to professional publishing standards.

In general, you can expect the following range of rates:

Content Editing: $1.50 / 100 words. Includes detailed research/fact-checking to ensure your manuscript is completely credible.

This package is recommended for memoirs and non-fiction as well as novels containing technical, linguistic or historical references that rely on factual accuracy.

Copy Editing: $1.25 / 100 words. Includes minimal/basic fact-checking as required to polish your manuscript.

Proofreading: $1.00/ 100 words. Proofreading only; no editing or fact-checking.

 We reserve the right to refuse any manuscript that does not meet our standards vis-à-vis subject matter or marketability. 


The world of publishing has done a 180 in just the past few years. More than ever, the legacy publishing route is difficult to break into for the vast majority of authors. Self-publishing is being adopted by many authors at their cost.

Laskin is in the middle field helping selected authors bring their works to the market. If you have a professional manuscript to be published and are willing to work on your social media platform (web, blog, Facebook, etc.), we can help you. 

Contact us for more information.