John Corrigan (2017 to present)

Content/copy editing of The Red Knight, the definitive history of the aerobatic Red Knight T-33 training jet air shows.

Antoine Mountain (2016 to present )

Content and copy editing of From Bear Rock Mountain: The Life and Times of a Dene Residential School Survivor (Brindle & Glass - Touchwood, 2019).

Tracy Goodwin (2015 to present )

Content editing, fact-checking, period etymology checking for Regency/Victorian Romances Dance with Deception, Enticing Eve, The Skilled Seduction, Wolf of Winterthorne, What an Earl Wants and Winter's Reign. Copy editing of YA paranormal novel Cursed.

Richard Goette, PhD (2014 to present )

Copy editing, fact-checking and Chicago Style formatting of Sovereignty and Command in Canada-US Continental Air Defence, 1940-57 (UBC Press, 2018). 

Bernadette Griffin (2013 to present)

Literary fiction title Canine Confessions editor/publisher. Content editor and publisher of literary fiction Four Sorrowful Mysteries (2018).

FriesenPress (2012 to present )

Content and copy editing, editorial evaluations and author consultations. Hundreds of non-fiction titles on topics such as WWII field medicine, premature babies, haute cuisine, leadership in the public service, multi-line insurance selling techniques, advanced aesthetics, death and bereavement, post-cancer exercise, etc. Also numerous fiction works including Young Adult, historical romance, Dystopian epics, etc. Also, many, many fascinating memoirs.

Jason Deas (2011 to present)

Copy editing of mysteries Birdsongs (2011), Pushed (2012), Brushed Away (2013), Private Eye (2014), Boar's Head Cove (2017), Undone (2018).

Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail (2009 to present)

Copy editing of For the Love of Flying: The Story of Laurentian Air Services. Copy editing of Polar Winds: A Century of Flying the North (Dundurn Press, 2014). Copy editing of Fly Girl, a YA historical fiction novel set in World War II.

Clients Prior to Creation of Laskin Publishing

Over 100 private, public and non-profit sector clients while operating as Linguistek Inc. (1976-2012) and Envirocomm (1991-2006).


"I was unable to put the book down. It is masterfully written with an unexpected twist near the end. Totally would recommend this book!" -- Review of Boar's Head Cove

"I'll put this book on a par with having a cool ice cream on a hot afternoon...just perfect. Start to end it's a pure joy with plenty of smiles along the way."  -- Review of Brushed Away